Leading Fire Rated Door Supplier In Selangor, Malaysia

We are the first door supplier & manufacturing company in Malaysia to obtain license from the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia and the Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) to build High Pressure Laminates (HPL) firerated doors. During a fire, our laminated ID fire-rated doors have the ability to resist the fire for an hour, whereas the ones without lamination can last up to 2 hours.

Molicc System is able to customise the design of the lamination according to our clients’ desire. Meanwhile, we also have a series of lamination designs for clients to choose from such as marble-print, cement-print, denim-print and leather-print lamination. Besides lamination designs, clients have the option to choose the type of door frame, vision panel, stainless steel inlays and other ironmongeries to be attached to their doors. Unlike most door manufacturing companies, clients have the option of installing an oval-shaped vision panel on the door, instead of the usual round or rectangular vision panels.

fire rated door supplier malaysia
Molicc System emphasises on the door functionality and design simplicity, complete with a touch of modernity in the doors that we manufacture. We believe that a door is not just a door, because it gives you a sense of the space that lies behind the door. The door is a representation of your home and your lifestyle, which you want to keep safe while maintaining its beauty.

Company History

Previously known as ML Furnishings Design Sdn Bhd, Molicc door supplier Malaysia began its furniture manufacturing business in 1992. We started out as a humble company, and since then we have been improving and expanding our business until 1999, where we shifted our focus to the door manufacturing business. Since then, we have been manufacturing doors with innovative technology and elegant designs. In 2016, we received approval from the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia and SIRIM, in which our fire-rated doors have been tested and certified to resist fire for a specific time.

Molicc Door Supplier Malaysia is usually involved in big projects such as Project D’ Latour (Bandar Sunway), Medini (Johor) and KLIA 2. For the majority of our projects, we supply external doors that are usually made for corridors or outdoor use. Although we commonly handle large-scale projects, we provide services to end-users for their household needs as well.
After more than 20 years of hard work in this industry, Molicc System had been awarded Malaysia’s Most Impactful Product Award in 2016 for its ID fire-resistant door sets.

“We understand you need a building that works for you and your organization, and it must function well.”

Mission & Vision

Our Company’s Direction


  1. Build an excellent team for developing innovative designs and researching technology products that are beyond expectation together with achieving a win-win situation among communities.
  2. Systematize our management and production processing order to provide good and trustworthy services that meet our clients’ satisfaction.


To be a professional and innovative leader of door industry company in Malaysia.